24 March 2018
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Welcome to your parent portal

Our Parent Portal is for registered families only. This means that your child(ren) must be attending

one of our nurseries and you must be the legal guardian of the child(ren).


It contains specific information relating to the education of your child(ren) and is a means to extend the opportunities

for parents to obtain this information, interact with nursery staff and contribute to our eco-system

For Parents

Balgillo Nursery is dedicated to you and your family, which is why we built the Parent Portal.

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See Learning

With the Parent Portal, parents and carers are able to see their child's learning and development.

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Talk to Staff

The parent portal enables you to have social conversations with staff and managers.

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Mobile First

The Parent Portal has specifically been designed with mobile devices first and foremost in mind.

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Offering Opportunities

At Balgillo Nurseries, we are always looking for new ways of involving our parents and carers in their child's learning and development, and that is why we continue to develop this portal, and all of the services it offers.

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Your Portal

The Balgillo Parent Portal has loads of social tools that enable you to contact other parents, nursery staff and our leadership team. You can also contribute to our friendly forums, discussion boards and galleries.

Protecting You

The Balgillo Parent Portal is protected by GeoTrust TM. This means that everything you do inside the portal, from the moment you login, is encrypted to prevent anyone getting access to this important information.

Learning Outcomes

At Balgillo Nurseries, we regularly compile reports of your child's learning objectives, and being a registered user of the Parent Portal gives us an opportunity to share these reports securely with you.

Getting Involved

As a parent or carer of a child attending one of our nurseries, you have an opportunity to get involved. Managing your enrollment in activities via the Parent Portal means you'll always be up to date.

Your Questions

At Balgillo Nurseries, we understand that placing your child in the care of others can be an emotional time, for parents as well as children. That's why we've put together a Frequently Asked Questions section to help.

Your Insights

Being part of a community like Balgillo Nurseries gives you insights into the learning, activities, challenges and successes that your child experiences dat yo day, and this in turn enriches home and family life.

  • Great Learning
    Thought Provoking

    Great Learning

  • Fun & Creative
    Kids dig it!

    Fun & Creative

  • Nutricious Meals

    Nutricious Meals

  • Fun Activities
    Play time!!

    Fun Activities

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